New Beginning

Where to start? Firstly, thank you so much for popping by.

This maybe as new to you as it is to me, but bear with me as I familiarise myself. I hope you’ll be encouraged, as this is coming from a person who (due to ME/cfs since 2004), for 10 years couldn’t use technology and for 7 of those years could barely read, along with problems speaking & writing etc.. But I won’t dwell on that!

My posts will probably be quite short for now, but I hope they’ll be of interest and uplifting.

I hope to share some thoughts on my rediscovered creativity (in it’s infancy, but I’m learning). About my life leading up to my unexpected encounter with ME/cfs (let’s face it, we all hope it will be a temporary glitch). A little about living with ‘it’ and how my faith life has been reignited through it, and helped me cope through some of the roughest times and to reach this point of what I’m seeing as new beginnings…

Ok, admittedly, life isn’t exactly as I would like it, but I’m learning day by day to be grateful for the capacity I have & to use (or probably more importantly ~ save) it wisely.

So, hello from me and thank you for reading.

Penny 🌸 Hope found in M.E.


Philippians 1:6 ~ I am confident that God will complete the good work He started in me…


Song suggestion ~

Power of Your Love ~ Hillsong

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