When a storm outgrows the teacup

Hello again. I hope you enjoy the post today.

I came across this thought recently, how faith helps calm the storm we’re in. Now that I can read a little more again I was reading from Matthew & the word ‘stillness’ sprung out at me, which prompted this post.

I have at times been told, most certainly in the early days of ME/cfs, that I have an inner battle going on. I think to some extent this has been true. It could almost be said that you start arguing with yourself. OK, I admit it still happens.

When your health is challenged, you equally challenge the problem to go away. You fight inwardly to return to your former state of good health. When this can’t suddenly happen, the battle begins a whirlwind of emotion, disappointment, even anger & the ‘why, why, whys’!

It’s the phase, I think, within a kind of transition (the length of which is an individual thing). Until you can hopefully reach the point of acceptance, (very different to submission I hasten to add). And ultimately peace about what is happening. Accepting that the future will be different from that you had anticipated or perhaps planned for. That you are still you, just in an adjusted version & that you are still as valued & loved as you were before.

To reach this point for me personally, it’s taken alot of prayer and leaning on and into God and His promises. Something I’ll expand on in a future post. As my capacity only allows so much thinking at one time! Many tears, and having the love and support of wonderful people has helped immeasurably.

I felt so reassured reading the scripture, one of those lovely lightbulb moments. Truly knowing that the peace I now for the main experience, and which at one point was so far from my comprehension, is because I am loved beyond the restrictions.

I hope you’ll be encouraged. I see the scripture below as not being admonished, but for the battle to cease having a grip & allow peace to step in.


Matthew 8:26b ~ Jesus… stood up in the boat and told the wind to be silent, the sea to quiet down: “Silence”! The sea became as smooth as glass.  ‘THE MESSAGE’©

Penny 🌸 Hope found in M.E.

Song suggestion:

Be still ~ David J Evans

(This song was introduced to me by an amazing Chinese Christian).

2 thoughts on “When a storm outgrows the teacup

  1. Lovely post. Yes the acceptance time is very individual. I recently read that a ship doesnt sink because of the water around it, it sinks because of water getting in it! We learn to find the peace admisT the storms xxx

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