Peace in cloud spotting

Peace in the beautiful clouds…

I’ll admit to having a quite a weary on this week, struggling to write and am in need of energy (same old, lol!). Some very cheery sparklers at the weekend certainly helped, along with a few untoasted marshmallows… and this beautiful sky.

A couple of days on, I popped out to the garden to check on the visiting birds water…hoping they’re recovering from 5th November…(fireworks)..but haven’t seen the Wren yet! I was greeted by the most amazing sky… just so beautiful & peaceful. Felt like I could reach up & almost touch it.

As I gazed I noticed the ducks take they’re usual route home to roost & the wood pigeons do the same, they’re routes crossing mid-air. What a blessing it is to stop & gaze for a while. As I gazed, I was encouraged to stop, perch, pray & contemplate for a few minutes, wrapped up in my coat & hood in the chilly autumn air.

This made me stop, ponder & pray…

A few more days on and the Robin, Blackbird & Sparrows have returned for a bath…yet to see the Wren. Hopefully they’re just building up to making an appearance after all the booms & flashes…and will also find some peace in cloud spotting

NB. I’m yet to capture the image of a flying bird…

Have a peaceful weekend.

Jeremiah 31:25 The Message ©    I’ll refresh tired bodies;                  I’ll restore tired souls.

Song suggestion ~

Holy Spirit, living breath of God ~ Keith & Kristyn Getty

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