MEeps of faith

Why faith. Why Easter. What, when where, why, how.....asked me that 30 years ago and I may have struggled....(oops, bit of a giveaway there!)... I'd like to explain (it's taken me a while)...almost shout it from the roof tops. Except that attempting to climb a ladder could be a bit dodgey. Easter is approaching, such … Continue reading MEeps of faith

Happy New Year 2017

*HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017* ...from Hope found in M.E. to all my readers. Hi! I know, aΒ little late as we rapidly approach February, but a Happy New Year to you all the same. I so appreciate you staying connected, as realise rather than it being all, go, go, go here at Hope found in M.E.Β & … Continue reading Happy New Year 2017

Peace in cloud spotting

I'll admit to having a quite a weary on this week, struggling to write and am in need of energy (same old, lol!). Some very cheery sparklers at the weekend certainly helped, along with a few untoasted marshmallows... and this beautiful sky. A couple of days on, I popped out to the garden to check … Continue reading Peace in cloud spotting

Finding peace – faith and topiary

Hi again. Thanks so much for popping by. My latest blog was very unexpectedly started after reading a little of John Bunyan's ~ The Pilgrim's Progress a few days ago...I hadn't realised previously, but a book written during confinement, which makes it all the more poignant, and especially the mention of the wicket gate. ...a couple of … Continue reading Finding peace – faith and topiary