JOY and daydreams

Hello from duvet days etc etc…

Yes, you guessed it. I have pushed the proverbial envelope and ended up in a slightly more crumpled heap than usual. So the view this week has come mainly from my window…queue picture of window..


But, I’m not here to grumble. It’s a special time of year and *JOY* should take centre stage.

As is usual with setbacks, and once my brain starts functioning again, I try to identify the catalyst. This time it was multifaceted… a dodecahedron! Ooh dear. Will I ever learn. Don’t answer that! My answer is..”yes I intend to.”

What’s my point, apart from the fact that my Christmas preparation is on an ultra go slow and I’m finding it hard to focus on anything! Well, I have recently (pre-setback), dipped my toe into another social media platform… #pics #Ihavea# #instagram! Woop! I love beautiful visuals…and I have discovered skiing clips. My heart sings.

*JOY* is all around

I skied a few times in my youth and the exhilaration is brilliant. Watching these fab mini episodes takes me away from the duvet moguls for a few minutes…I’m swept away on an imaginary ski lift, sharp fresh breeze & snow on my face…hoping I get the timing right coming off the chair lift, hopefully avoiding another crumpled heap. The following clip includes swift moving images, if you have motion/sensory sensitivity.

Sherpas cinema

I’m standing there, ski boots creaking, toes all toasty, cheering on that amazing snowboard trick. Do skiers snowboarders now listen to music as the sweep down the slopes? I’m so thankful to have experienced the feeling of snow under ski.

My song suggestion I think … describes setbacks & payback to me and how you need daydreams, distractions, patience and more to get you through, and how you just keep going. And for myself, I also lean in to my faith in God… I dont ask much do I! But I believe in *JOY*.

So thank you insta#…you have brightened my duvet daydreams. *JOY*, again I say…. *JOY*!

Thanks so much for reading, I hope you have a great day…and find much *JOY* during the miracle of Christmas time.

Emeli Sandé ~ Breathing Underwater

8 thoughts on “JOY and daydreams

  1. As a former, late arrival snowboarder, I can appreciate the memory of the thrill of ‘thundering’ down a slope, even getting air (a bit scary) knowing that I’ll probably pass on any further offer to go snowboarding, leaving me with the *Joy* of the memory.

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  2. I have never skied before, but I can imagine scenes of snow and the fresh cold wind blowing against my face. I love snow. Shame we haven’t had much here in the Northeast in recent years.
    JOY is my word for next year, still going on the 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. This year I am determined to find Joy in the midst of the Christmas season. It’s not easy, but one thing that is helping me is the book Lighted Windows by Margaret Silf. It’s an Advent reading book that goes to 6 January. Thank you so much for your words of truth. May joy always be yours at all times during the year xx

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    1. Thank you so much. I’m glad I’ve managed to get sense of snow etc across. And I’m so glad the word JOY is the next you’ll be focusing on, that is brilliant. It is such a powerful word. I agree on focusing on Joy in Christmas, as it can be at times such a challenge.

      The Advent book you’re reading sounds wonderful. Although I’m writing this, I’m finding reading & absorbing so hard at the moment, I definitely do need to invest in more devotionals. Just need to keep take reading slowly so that I can keep managing to. Thank you for your encouragement, it means so much. I’ll look forward to your thoughts on Joy during the year. You are such a blessing. Xxx


  3. Memories really are the most precious thing to have in your life. They keep your heart alive and brining joy from the remembering and we all need. That from time to time whether or not we are well. Thank you for reminding me to stay positive, despite my most recent setback. (Read about it on my blog!)I will strive to squeeze joy from Christmas in remembering the real message and forgetting the commerciality of it all, after all this is the beginnning of miracles!
    Much love to everyone out there.x

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    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment, Janet. I agree, memories really are so precious & often we don’t realise until we need to rely on them. I will pop by your blog….(I have posted a link on my comment on your page, which may hopefully be of help to you). I hope you have a very Happy Christmas. Xxx


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