MEeps of faith


Why faith. Why Easter. What, when where, why, how…..asked me that 30 years ago and I may have struggled….(oops, bit of a giveaway there!)…

I’d like to explain (it’s taken me a while)…almost shout it from the roof tops. Except that attempting to climb a ladder could be a bit dodgey.

Easter is approaching, such a precious time for contemplation on the life of Jesus so freely given for us all. A time to very humbly give thanks & the realisation of how each one of us is so very deeply loved and so importantly … forgiven & offered newness of life.

Years ago, I would have been very busy during this particular week (and many others if I’m being honest)….but in these days, I won’t be attending the Procession of Witness in our local town. Yes, we’re still permitted to make that statement of faith. I won’t be attending Communion or Compline every night of Holy Week, sniff. I loved that. I am I guess basically non-denominational these days.

….I won’t be processing in with a choir on Easter Day/Resurrection Sunday leading the congregation in joyous song. I also loved that. I won’t be teaching in Sunday school, or helping in creche, or taking a meal to someone in need or giving someone a lift home from church, organising rotas, visiting, displaying flowers, making refreshments or stacking chairs…yes, it became a bit busy.

I also won’t be spending time visiting & sharing precious time & laughter with family. I miss those hectic, fun, trying to squeeze everyone around the table gatherings so very much. ❤

Then what will I be doing? I will be hugging someone at or in the vicinity of my front door, or on the landing…that’s a frequent hugging venue, (if I’m not up to a visitor that is or they can’t be here, it will be virtual hugs). I will be a listening ear (I’ve learned when to stop talking…ok, most of the time, alright some of the time), celebrating someone’s victory or sharing tears. I will be offering to pray for someone, even if they don’t ask me to first, and I will be praying for someone who may not have asked at all. I will be listening to worship music, audio scripture, hopefully illuminating a word or two…and just giving thanks. (And yes, there will be chocolate in the equation.)

My ability to express my faith in the numerous ways I grew so accustomed have been taken away and there’s still something, well rather more than I could possibly have imagined left…the unseen, the quiet in the background faith that grows, comforts, contemplates, encourages … it’s still there. I have truly come into relationship with God…..

And it’s a-maz-ing!


I am in contact and have come to know many MEeps, & folk with other life restricting conditions, who share a similar life, and who quietly & so very diligently support in the background, leading their own areas of ministry….pretty much unseen. I find them such a massive inspiration, and am so blessed to be in contact with them.

…. you know who you are! ❤ xxx

When I developed ME/cfs I thought I had been robbed of my faith life. I thought… ‘well, that’s it then, high & dry’. And basically ME/cfs life can often feel a bit like the Scrapheap challenge. But, what I have since discovered over many years, is that as a Christian MEep I have been enriched beyond words, and stand (well figuratively speaking) with some super awsome people…with MEeps of faith.

I’ve attached a link to a message I listened to last week. It says it all really.

Have a very Happy & Blessed Easter

John 10:10b

I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

Penny ~ Hope found in ME


Song suggestion ~

In Christ Alone ~ Lou Fellingham

Message link ~ (30 mins listening time).

Why your life matters ~ Answers with Bayless Conley

NB. I will qualify that I don’t consider my self anywhere near on the level of the people mentioned in the above link. 

*MEep = an ME peep (person with ME/cfs)

6 thoughts on “MEeps of faith

  1. Thank you for being an inspiration for those with chronic illnesses/health issues. Nothing you do goes unseen to God. We will never truly know what an impact we’ve made until we get to heaven. Happy Easter!

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  2. Penny, I LOVE this!! If it’s one thing He will always share with us, it’s that all things work together for good for those who love God. Change is hard, and restrictions stink, but He is ever faithful in HIs love for us. I’m so thankful for the peace and grace that fills your days despite chronic illness! You are a beautiful inspiration and encouragement. ❤

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  3. Penny to read this is encouraging yet sad….but….to hear your voice to enjoy your humour and share your thoughts is an honor… where a whirlwind and it is lovely to see the stiring of passion and hope in your blogs…love you darling Penny Sweets x

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