Daily Prompt ~ Relocate ~ Cranberry seas & other mishaps

Cranberry seas & other mishaps

Having ME/cfs can have the effect of making one incredibly clumsy. Walking into door frames, dropping things is not unusual. And as you may have read in an earlier post, Colour for the mind & magnet brakes , I once crashed into a Cotoneaster on a rare scooter outing. 

There’s nothing serious to report. Apart from the fact that the Christmas tree is still only half decorated, a week into its appearance in the living room. And, that on being woken by my hound, I managed to launch or rather relocate a full glass of chilled Cranberry juice across my bedroom floor.

Fruit juice successfully relocated!

My poor doggie took refuge from the sea on her bed. All she needed was a pea green boat! (Edward Lear.) That actually would have been quite a festive colour match.

Groggily mopped, the floor was eventually no longer sticky. With hound wondering why breakfast needed to be delayed.

That’s my news. It’s been very ‘…land of counterpane‘ (Robert Louis Stevenson) recently. The Cranberry sea was not exactly a highlight, but I am grateful for refreshments left for me by my husband. Although the everyday placement of same we may need to relocate!

Wherever you may be up to on your Christmas preparation, I wish you well. Free from Cranberry seas and other mishaps.

God bless

Penny ~ @hopefoundinme

I was considering adding a You tube link to a song by The Cranberries. Too much? (Chuckle.)


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10 thoughts on “Daily Prompt ~ Relocate ~ Cranberry seas & other mishaps

  1. It all seems to happen at one when you have these “moments” doesn’t it. Your post made me smile though I know how frustrating it is at time time when you just don’t have the energy to deal with these things. Wishing you some less eventful days ahead! Oh and I would have enjoyed a sing a long to The Cranberries! 😉xx

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    1. Thanks so much for popping by to read the post, Emma. I appreciate it.& Yes absolutely, there is often that ‘domino effect’, or it certainly feels like it. Doh, I should have added the song link!😊 I hope you’re having some better days.❤xxx


  2. Ah, The Cranberries! Haven’t heard them in ages. Glad you were able to clean up the sticky seas. Hope you’ve had a good rest and found a safer place for your juice! I hate waking up with such a fright that everything goes flying, but somehow it does happen quite frequently lol…

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    1. Thanks so much for popping by, Char. Ha ha, I know, I thought of The Cranberries after searching for songs about cranberries. Lol! it’s been a while since I’ve listened to them too.

      Yes thank you, sea in retreat…after a while. Juice relocated, out of sleepy arms reach. And yes I know what you mean about the ‘startle wake’…like the Catherine Tate character, can happen when I’m resting, but thankfully less now. Honestly, is nothing easy with this condition. Xxx


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