Daily prompt ~ Theory

Pacing ~ in theory, she laughed!

Harsh words were spoken directly into my understairs cupboard this afternoon. Why? You may well ask.

We’ve had rather unexpected snow here. And on sleepily glancing out to the garden, I saw the poor birdies as they pecked away at a frozen bird bath of sorts, the standby is a pre-loved frisbee.

My better half refreshed their water, as I peered out wrapped up warmly. Seeing the Sparrows merrily fluttering in the fresh water, I realised the outside tap was minus part of its insulation. Ah!

The Robin patiently waiting 

A shower day was ahead for me also. The pacing theory behind this would be to attempt nothing else. Alas my boomer/buster self needed to find that elusive piece of insulation.

I eventually did find it, but it wasn’t the best decision I had made today. And it turned out not to be the item I had pictured in my mind. Oh, drat!

The theory of pacing, is exactly that. Pace yourself. Use rationale. To avoid reaching the point of near collapse (or crash), raised emotion being a pretty good indicator it’s on the horizon.

Although it would seem time my pacing theory notes were revisited and implemented a little more. A hiccup occurred today, thankfully I no longer pursue perfection (well, most of the time). After all, pacing is theory, putting it into practice can be far more tricky.

Thanks for reading.

God bless

Penny @hopefoundinme


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