My Peaceful Place

My Peaceful Place…

Hi! It’s been a while since I made it out to my peaceful place.⤵


It’s not far from where we live. And strangely enough I had never visited prior to MEcfs. I think my husband suggested stopping by to just sit in the car and re-set after on of the many hospital appointments. And it’s been a special place since then.


It’s still my place to go an re-set when I’m able to get there. It’s a place where waterways meet and head out to the Blackwater Estuary in two directions.

At certain times in the year the water can be deafening. Crashing down the weirs, cascading over and through canal lock gates. It’s fantastic. The sheer power and beauty of it. I have seen adventurous kayakers doggedly and successfully paddling against the sheer force of the waters current. Fabulous.

Our little Princess loves it here too.⤵


Seen here padding across the bridge that offers the best view (imho).

Toothy grin!!

We can’t always make it to this weir. And depending on fatigue levels, I can’t always make it out of the car.

The path can get too muddy and rooty for a wheelchair. So when we can’t, we just stop by the canal. But on this occasion WE DID!! HOORAH!! Dry woodland paths meant off-roading. And clean wheelie wheels. Woop!! Well, I mean my husband pushing.

Here’s Pete taking a well earned break!⤵


Oh to just get a glimpse of that woodland canopy. The sun glittering down on the carpet of ivy. With our girrrl leaping across our path as we wheeled along.


We used to play what we referred to as ‘plop-factor’ with our kids here. MEcfs has meant making the most of the small things. Especially as I can’t travel far. We used to giggle away plopping stones in the water to see who’s efforts would create the biggest splash!


Sometimes, if we’re organised and if energy allows, we’ll take a flask of something hot. Herbal for me. But whatever, we just take it slow, drink in the sights and sounds. And just pause. It clears my head and fills my memory banks with beauty and rest.


Here’s us not perfecting the selfie at wheelie height! Me sporting a stylish dog lead! And obligatory black-out shades.⤵


I’ll be honest. We try to keep this place a secret. As is the case in many counties surrounding London, there’s a lot of building going on. We hope this little sanctuary will survive. It truly is a gem.


Thanks for sharing a bit of freedom with me. And thanks so much for popping by.

Have a blessed day!🌸

Penny @hopefoundinme

I just love a ‘NPR Tiny Desk Concerts’. My young folk, as is the case with many things creative & technical, told me about them. Here’s a beaut!⤵

Tasha Cobbs Leonard – NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

15 thoughts on “My Peaceful Place

  1. That really is like a peaceful sanctuary, and yay for getting the wheels across without incident. It’s lovely to see your photos (I’m very nosy!) You’re right about making the most of the small things with chronic illness, but how the simplest of things can then be wonderful.
    I had to chuckle at the ‘plop factor’. When I was little my dad would drive us to this little place, Tenbury Wells, and we’d play by the water. For a few years I was told this was the seaside (it wasn’t until I was an adult that I experienced a proper beach & boy, did I feel cheated! 😂) Just dusty stones and a bit of water but it was nice, we’d skim stones that I could never quite skim so I just plopped them in to make the biggest splashes!
    My fingers are crossed this little gem stays sacred for you forever.
    Caz xxx

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    1. Oh my goodness, what a story Caz! Where did you eventually experience the seashore for real? It must been quite a surprise. I was never that good at skimming stones either. ‘Plop factor’ is about the extent of my skills! Lol!😂
      And thank you, I definitely hope this little place remains.💖xxx


  2. The more we deal with our limitations the more we appreciate the times that rejuvenate us. Natural environments are most effective because so many factors that make up those places have a way of blending together. Sounds, visuals have a way of complementing each other.

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  3. Ah, I really enjoyed this virtual outing. Thank you for sharing your special place with us. It reminded me of one of my last day trips a couple of years ago – we went to visit the lakes. My wheelchair could only go so far, but it was wonderful being out there under the trees and next to the water… so peaceful. I’ll be linking up in my ME community news post this week x

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    1. Thanks so much, Char. Apologies for the slow reply. I was checking my spam folder & found your comment there. No idea why this happens. Thanks again for including my post in Community news and for stopping by to read & comment. Always appreciated.💙


    1. Thanks so much, Mishka. It really was special. I love how folk are reminded of games skimming stones. It’s just such a lovely thing to do. I was never that good to be honest. And thank you, hopefully the little oasis will survive. Thanks again for stopping by to read & comment. 💙 xxx

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