A Day in the Life of Bedrest


I often know how crummy (ie. Payback, Setback or Relapse written in order of likely duration) the MEcfs is becoming when I have vivid dreams involving rapidly rising water and blocked routes. No not blocked drains and not a dripping tap, or a glass of refreshing sparkling. I’m talking about floods. Perhaps that is why I’ve been doodling water recently.

On the subject of doodles, more of mine are included. I find it a very good distraction technique. My apologies if my reader’s do not, or simply find them distracting!


A recent one was no exception. And on waking I realised ‘here we/I go again yet more bed rest – cue Whitesnake!

If the lovely gymnast in the video could stop doing backbends please that would be nice. Some of us are in agony!

I do have one repetitive dream, thankfully not repeated recently. The current one had quite a bit of detail.

The dream description is to follow. The potted version, as whilst dreaming it seemed to go on foreverrrrrr!

The Plot

Picture a local village High Street, that according to my dream I know well. Really? I can’t place it. Neither can you as I haven’t described it. Think Midsomer!

Back to the dream. I’m planning to take a route by car along said village high street. Lol! In real life I haven’t left the house in months. My route was completely blocked by, you guessed. Water. A choppy river of it.


Consequently, as is not unusual in these dreams, I have to make a detour. On foot along a windy, dusty path. But then finding that access at the end of the long detour of a windy dusty path is blocked. So I have to double back along the same windy dusty path. To a car that isn’t mine!! No idea where mine has gone. Although this car I can miraculously open, but feel I shouldn’t. So promptly close it. And I never reach my destination.

The End. I woke up.

I was actually quite relieved to wake up, as it was a very tiring dream. If that is actually possible. Actually, actually, actually!


And there you have a sleeping minds response to an MEcfs relapse. Such fun! Hoping this current setback doesn’t last. They are boring, tedious and draining. Yes, you can actually feel more drained on top of fatigue. So I must ensure I rest, sleep if possible, hydrate and nutritionalise. Yes, no such word.


The relapse and cold weather mean I have to wait even longer until we can see our young folk. Now 8 months and counting. As certain types of socialising indoors in the UK are still currently not permitted. Time outside in the cold makes the pain levels worse and they’re already bad, as well as seriously revving up the fatigue. And I can’t sit unsupported without plenty of cushions. Under current guidelines I cannot chat to my children socially distanced in the warm ie. our living room. But if I were physically able I could go shopping, swimming, to the hair salon or play indoor badminton with them. Bonkers! OK perhaps badminton is an exaggeration, but you probably get my point.

Closing Thoughts

Have I now negated my previous positive post about being happy for everyone? Welllllll…probably!! I clearly spoke too soon from under my duvet, from the day in the life of bed rest!

Thankful for supplies

Pain, pain go away, I’ve had enough, you’re just a drain.

I apologise for the technical fault.

Positive blog broadcasts will resume shortly.

Love to all

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