Hoorah for the Humble Tray

Following a pretty heavy week on social media and whilst also being conked out in bed. As a much needed diversion, I decided to post a lighthearted image on twitter as part of the very cheery #MyDailyThankYou from Emma of Not Just Tired.

A response from lovely Caz of Invisibly Me got me thinking on the subject of the humble tray.

Twitter quote

Have I mentioned before how I love the blogging community? Very likely many times. They bring so many smiles and help maintain my equilibrium! So thank you to Emma and Caz for reaching out during this past week. I really appreciate it.

So, following this interaction, I thought to myself, what is so amazing about a tray? I know! As featured in my post A Day in the Life of Bedrest.

A Tray

In fact, what is so amazing about any one of these trays?

WELL look what’s on them for starters.

Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

whether thEy are

  • Square
  • Rectangular
  • Round
  • Octagonal
  • Triangular or
  • Ruffle edged

Made from

  • Metal
  • Melamine
  • Wood
  • Bamboo
  • Card
  • Perspex or
  • A book (heavens forbid, and whatever happens don’t bend that spine!)
A tray of vegetables
Photo by Monstera on Pexels.com


  • Handles
  • No handles
  • Legs – long or short (verging on a table)
  • Wheels
Tray with tea and a bun
Photo by Ea Ehn on Pexels.com


  • Patterned or
  • Plain
  • Textured or
  • Smooth

They are always

  • Versatile
  • Utilitarian
  • Attractive
  • Stable
  • Saving spills
  • Providing a flat surface
  • Holding a lot or
  • Not very much
  • Tidy
  • Ordered
  • Easy to move
  • Make a loud noise when dropped, so this option is best avoided where possible.
  • Providing an attractive focus
  • Delivering muffins or pastries!!!

So I say – Hoorah for the humble tray!

Have a wonderful week!

Be blessed

Much love

Penny signing off
Doodle of yellow flower in a mint green flower pot.
Featuring a tune I just happen to like!

One thought on “Hoorah for the Humble Tray

  1. Aww thank you for the shout-out, Penny. How’re you holding up at the moment? 💜

    The glorious, humble tray – I love ‘em! I feel like I want to take some pictures of my trays (not a euphemism) – one is exactly the same as yours, then there are two with black/grey geometric designs, and a few others but I can’t remember where they are. Two are holding dental supplies and toothbrushes in cups, the other is for Dettol sprays on the kitchen windowsill. Very practical and useful but how boring! And as I write this I realise that I definitely need some new ones to hold biscuits and muffins. It’s a good excuse to go shopping.

    “Make a loud noise when dropped, so this option is best avoided where possible.“ 😂 Yes, best avoided! I love have you’ve broken down the different types and purposes of trays, something we might not really give a second thought to. Even the smallest or most innocuous of things can be pretty awesome if we think about it. It certainly ups the sense of appreciation for the smaller things in life, doesn’t it?

    Caz xx

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