How To Clean An Oven – An MEcfs Humour Guide

How To Clean An Oven

An me/cfs HUMOUR guide


By Penny of Hope Found In M.E.

*Includes humour and irony

🔹️Firstly. Wait until it conks out.
🔸️️Eat cereal.
🔹️Notice how minging the racks are.
🔸️Go & rest fully supported for 40 mins.
🔹️Eat again. Sandwich this time.
🔸️Rest again & like some pics on iG.
🔹️Extract racks.
🔸️Rest again.
🔹️Scrub racks seated at sink at 5 minute intervals with plenty of rest breaks which involve herbal tea & 74% dark chocolate. For energy purposes OF COURSE!🍫
🔸️Have a herbal tea. Yes, another one.
🔹️Replace racks in oven.
🔸️Go back to bed satisfied in the knowledge that the oven still doesn’t work, but hopefully you won’t be judged if it’s ever repaired or scrapped. Sorry, upcycled!😆


Have a blessed day, which hopefully involves a fluffy and crispy baked potato.

Penny signing off
Doodle of yellow flower in a mint green flower pot.

4 thoughts on “How To Clean An Oven – An MEcfs Humour Guide

  1. Hahahah 😂 The times I see the minging racks and quickly do something else instead, conveniently forgotten all about them… Lots of rest, tea & chocolate is definitely needed throughout the process of oven cleaning (as well as laundry cleaning, dishes, putting away the shopping and just about everything else).

    Thanks for the laughs, Penny – definitely needed this today! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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