Our Coping Strategies For Bedrest

Many folk will know that it has proven to be a very challenging time for us, since my experiencing anaphylaxis. The symptoms are settling down, yes they have gone on and on. And I now await allergy testing with the hope of some useful answers. It’s looking like it may be quite a wait. Thankful for antihistamine (and EpiPens) in case of flares. And for the GP Practice replying to my email enquiries.

The Process of Adjusting

I have had to halt all medication, apart from asthma treatment. I have literally had to go cold turkey. But grateful the dosages weren’t high. B12 injections will have to halt too. Boo. I fought so hard to keep them and the support from Community Nursing. But the reaction happened on the same day as the injection and Antibiotic. So we have to proceed with caution. Thankfully the pain seems to be calm, not sure about the neurological twitching, and I am feeling some tremors. Hopefully they stay at a minimal level or go completely.

Coping With Bedrest

I am also resting and pacing my way out of a severe MEcfs relapse as a result of all of this. Which was already on the horizon. That means 100% bed rest. And finding little things to occupy my mind, without burning it. Thankful for small doses of BBC iPlayer and Netflix. It has to be unchallenging watching. No crime dramas! Or Glastonbury sadly, as too busy cognitively. And I can’t read books at the moment. I don’t have adequate cognitive capacity. Ah the never ending story of MEcfs. But I read my devotional when I can. My pencils and brush pens are a joy. As of course is blogging! What an amazing outlet it is and I am actually making time to write. Like I have a choice, lol!

Coloured Pencil Sketch Of Nature
A recent doodle/sketch. Mixed media on A6. Castle Arts Soft Touch Pencils & Edding and WHSmith Brush Pens.

Needless to say all wildlife campaigning is on hiatus for as long as it takes. Ah, the developer’s PR rep must be missing me. Not! So many concerns still to raise and no energy to do it.

What’s Next?

Whilst we wait, we try to return to some semblance of a routine, which includes my husband returning to work. We have initiated systems to help that happen. The main one ensuring I have enough to eat and drink during the day. Hence the bedroom fridge. Best decision.

Doggo Catered For Too

We have strategies in place for our doggo too. One of which includes feeding her upstairs. And having her snack stash up here too. Which she loves, sniffs and whines for intermittently during the day. She is such an intelligent and adaptable doggo. Love her so much. Sadly she is no longer allowed to snuggle up on our bed, boo again, as she has a habit of unexpected peeing! Too many soaked duvets resulted in a blanket ban.

NB: Pleased be reassured that she has plenty of her own blankets and more than one bed of her own! She has three!

Fawn Sighthound Under a Blanket
Stop staring at me two-leg!

So, we carry on. Honing and honing our strategies. I still haven’t managed the stairs yet. But there is no point at the moment, as I can do nothing useful downstairs or rest on the sofa. It’s too tiring. So bed haven it is for now. So grateful to have such a lovely room to rest in.

Photo by Lisa on Pexels.com

My Husband’s Pre-Work List

  • Refill Hotcup Jug
  • Refill Hotcup refill jug
  • Refill four water flasks
  • Bring chopped celery (food already stocked).
  • Cups & saucers – herbal tea is a ceremony.
  • Plates
  • Glasses
  • Cutlery
  • Bread Board
  • Doggo bowl
  • Doggo food
  • Doggo treats
  • Retrieve doggo blankets dragged into garden.

So not much then! I think he needs the stairlift!!

Bedroom Crockery Supplies

He has even gone to the lengths of buying me a little toaster and some more lovely crockery!

What Happens Next?

We now have to work out how I try out my new glasses to ensure they are all super good. The tests for which preceded this massive relapse. The optician is currently being less than helpful. Should have gone to Vision Express. Seriously, I should have done or better still pushed for the home visit! I would have carried out a ‘pre-test checkout out the layout etc’, but surprise, surprise wasn’t well enough. Ah well, we do what we can with what we have without using it all in the process!

Closing Thoughts

In closing. I will just say how absolutely incredible my husband has been and is. Supporting me now into year 18 of being homebound with MEcfs. He roles with the punches and right hooks it deals out with just an amazing attitude.

Carers are heroes (who frequently have paid roles too which are a necessity), working away in the background ensuring everything works, picking up the broken fragments and finding ways of putting it and keeping it all together.

He has been mum and dad to our children many, many, many times. I seriously am blessed. And am so glad that our friendship and love struck 38 years ago has stood the test of time. We can still laugh, giggle and support one another, and that you just can’t put a price on.

Have a blessed day

Penny signing off
Doodle of yellow flower in a mint green flower pot.

4 thoughts on “Our Coping Strategies For Bedrest

  1. Wishing you a good recovery from the relapse and reaction Penny. I love your mixed-media doodle sketch and your husband is an absolute angel. Sending love 💖 and please give sweet Tia a gentle pat from us too 💕🐕 xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Xenia. That’s so kind of you. He really is, I’m not sure my husband could do anymore to help my recovery along. Bless him. And Tia is being such a poppet. Thank you again for your lovely message. Love to you & Misty from here.🐶💕xxxx

      Liked by 1 person

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