The Blue Door

Really delighted to be participating in Dan Antion’s Thursday Doors this week.

My door contribution is quite a sentimental one. Probably because I am missing my kids. A door which played quite a large part in my life.

The Blue Door.

A Blue Weather worn Exterior Door

This isn’t any old decaying door. This door at one time was the threshold to laughter and a focal point of village life. The door to the now sadly derelict United Reformed Church side room.

Its future is very uncertain.

It was through this door that I embarked on being a Sunday School teacher back in the late 1980s. At one time attended by so many local children, where we would tell stories, sing songs and build cardboard Noah’s Arcs, jigsaws, you name it, to take pride of place in the church to the delight of the parishioners.

A White Chapel
This door of the C of E where we all gathered to worship after Sunday School on a Sunday, displayed our creations, then processed in our choir robes to lead the worship.

The children would arrive at the Blue Door intrigued and cheery, waiting to discover what we had planned. On one occasion with my counterpart sat motionless adorned in a bright yellow sowester! Adding to the mystery. And our lovely pianist ready to hammer away at a piano in desperate need of tuning. But she made it work. With the children singing ‘Building Up The Temple‘ as loud as their little voices could.

A Blue Weather Worn Exterior Door

This door also holds another very special memory. It was the door to the village pre-school. A special loving place of kindness and ease, snacks and mid-morning sleeps. With a garden and crammed with creativity. Is it any wonder that one of my littlies loved it there. Having been used to an equally homely pre-school in HK. In preference to the more ordered and busy facility nearer the school. With the question often being ‘is it blue door or white door today’? With blue door always being the preference.

Happy Days.

So there you have my door contribution. Thanks again to Dan for such an inspiring blogging initiative.

Have a blessed day

Penny signing off
Doodle of yellow flower in a mint green flower pot.

15 thoughts on “The Blue Door

  1. I love that door. It has served such a wonderful purpose over many years. Thank you for your service to those children. I can tell you, I still remember many of the lessons and especially the Sunday School teachers I had 60 years ago.

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    1. Thank you. That’s so kind of you. It was a lovely time of community & laughter. Very special. Years following I saw one of my once students on his motorbike zooming around a local field, favoured by walkers, minus a crash hat. I asked him why, his face expecting a ticking off. Next time I saw him on his bike, he was wearing one. I felt very touched by that.

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    1. Thanks so much, Janet. It really is something special. I’m just glad I managed to capture a photo of it a few years ago. And lovely, I hope your Sunday school days were a cheery time. Thanks so much for stopping ny to comment. Penny 💐

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