Thought For The Day

There is a wave of emotion ongoing today. Following the US Supreme Court Roe v Wade ruling. I can understand why many people will not want to discuss it. I don’t particularly want to either, but I feel upset and concerned. As previously highlighted in An Incensed Observer and A Question of Women’s Rights.

Because ultimately that is what I am. An Observer who is Incensed and upset. Whose opinion will have no influence. A woman in midlife who has shared in a multitude of scenarios with many, many women friends. Life is complicated. There are no fixed answers to everything. Everyone is different, as are their situations.

Why then has a ruling been made which is now sending a ripple effect out across a country, which sets womens right back by half a century? Which will impact others observing this ruling, and their decisions and rulings regarding womens rights and choices in other countries. Leading the way in limiting womens choices and her freedoms. This ruling I feel may now risk lives. That may seem like a contradictions terms.

I make no apology for basically being a feminist. I am a woman for women. I may not agree with everyone’s opinion. But personally, I feel that this ruling is not helpful. There will be situations where due to serious unforseen medical complications a woman may need a termination. Will she then be arrested in the emergency department? What about her partner? The onus is set purely on women.

As people know, I am a Christian. But I am finding some very sweeping opinions by some as insensitive. How are they or those in their lives to know that they may never be impacted by this ruling in a negative way? Well in reality they already are. Why are some suggesting that people having to take the decision of a termination should in some way be forgiven? It makes me want to scream. Free will and choice is a fundemental part of humanity. Christianity is not about dictatorship.

It’s about loving people. Being there. Supporting them through difficulty. Not enforcing an opinion or creating a legalistic environment that makes half of society feel voiceless.

Will we now see harrowing stories akin to something from the 1960s drama Call The Midwife where a woman has felt so desperate she is driven to a back street ‘practitioner’s’, and I’m sorry to be insensitive, unsterilised knitting needle or large dose of gin?

One could talk about this for hours. I won’t. But the turmoil I feel for the women who will be seriously impacted by this ruling is huge. There are now suggestions that contraception will be next. Are we then going into the realms of whether women will be coerced and manipulated, and that is ok?

It is a sad day. And no, I do not treat the subject of termination lightly. How could anyone. But removing safe, regulated choices will not help anyone. I hope there is a serious rethink.

That’s my thoughts.

Much love

Penny signing off
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