Colour for the mind and magnet brakes

A lovely woman I know summed up the restrictions of disability, or rather what we all crave...colour for our mind. Interest, that satisfies the imagination for a few more days. So, my news...No, sadly I still haven't seen the Wren, although think I heard them yesterday. Still hoping.  Several weeks of not being able to … Continue reading Colour for the mind and magnet brakes

I went to London – well, virtually!

Ooh I had you going for a minute! My mind is in travel mode. It must be the change in season...or the upcoming trend for sweets or treats! My previous blog post Do you want fries with that?… was a nod to travels past...and a comment from a reader on that post started me thinking about … Continue reading I went to London – well, virtually!

Twitter – an Experience

Hi. My post today was once again prompted by a social media interaction and a very heart felt blog two different people, on common ground, but two differing themes. Thankfully, I'm not in tears this time...and I do talk to people in person, honestly, but can't do alot of it! The prompt came in … Continue reading Twitter – an Experience

Aggy – a definition

Today, in theory, I should being feeling uplifted and pleased at having made it out from the house this week...with the help of my hubby (my trusty, patient wheelie helper). It had been some time since my last away time...nine weeks to be exact. But today, I do not feel anything like uplifted...even though we purchased a … Continue reading Aggy – a definition

The perception of wheels

Wheel of a wheelchair

Hello again & welcome back. You've probably guessed the subject of today's post. Not a subtle image, but there really is nothing particularly subtle about 'wheelies'! This is a little about my experience of needing to use one. For the many of us folk who use a wheelchair to help in life, our health, circumstances, … Continue reading The perception of wheels