Raising a Smile for ME πŸ’™

Hi from here. I hope your weekend is proving to be a restful one.

Smile for ME Charity

I was so cheered when the ME Charity Smile for ME contacted me a little while back about writing a piece for their Monthly Newsletter. It was a lovely  opportunity to contribute. It took me a little while, and they very graciously waited. And I am delighted to attach the link a little further down this post to their January Newsletter, in which my piece is included.

Smile for ME Newsletter

About Smile for ME

Smile for ME, founded in 2012, is a Charity run by ME sufferers for ME sufferers. They offer a lifeline of much needed cheer to ME sufferers and their carers.


Through fundraising and donations, Smile for ME are able to send gifts in the form of a parcel through the post, known as ‘Smiles‘, to those who are bedbound or housebound. This could be to a person of any age. And gives the opportunity to share such a vital message –

You are not alone“.

I so appreciate them contacting me to add a little smile to their Monthly Newsletter.


You can read the January Newsletter here‡

Smile for ME – January Newsletter

What did I write about?

I chose a subject ME sufferers are all too familiar with. Setbacks. In a fairly light-hearted way. Ironically, I’m in a rather bad one at the moment. Well a relapse really, requiring medical referral. Having last week needed the assistance of paramedics and the A&E (Emergency) Dept. Deep joy. So I once again write from the land of counterpane!

But fear not, I have a wonderfully supportive husband, companion hound, food, refreshment, folding bedside table, trays (they are VITAL), a lovely view, birdsong, online friends and music (when I feel up to listening). That could be misinterpreted, oops! Along with a new toy, a blood pressure machine. I know how to rock and roll! Which I am instructed to use three times a day. I’d better set an alarm then!! Lol!!


So to top off a post about smiles, may I suggest a listen to the music (you know me and music) at the end of this piece, from Moonchild. A soul and new-school jazz multi-instrumentalist band from LA, California, whom I wish I could see live. They’re performing in the UK this month. Be there or miss out. Info can be found on instagram ~ This is Moonchild

So as I close, please do pop by and visit Smile for ME, the charity run by ME sufferers for the benefit of ME sufferers. It is a wonderful initiative to help ease the isolation of this exceptionally challenging and much maligned condition.


Thanks so much for popping by and have a blessed day.🌸

Here’s hoping for better days to come.


Keep Smiling!

Penny @hopefoundinme

Moonchild – Strength

*Images by permission of Smile for ME Charity


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