Women Standing with Women!

Trigger Warning – Discussing women’s continued concerns about their safety following the disappearance of Sarah Everard

I am prompted today by extremely sad news in this country, that unrelated to Covid19, a young woman Sarah Everard is still missing. I cannot imagine the pain her family and friends are experiencing.

As a parent, it has affected me profoundly, as I am sure so many are as I can see from the many posts and tweets going up by the second. All women are hurting and many plan to be in vigil to Sarah on Saturday night, to #reclaimthesestreets. It seems even more sad that only days ago we were celebrating women in all our diversity, and now!

Young people create the most beautiful networks of friends. They are generous and caring. And become eachothers family, as they stride out into their independent lives. They care about eachothers safety, and go out of their way to ensure it. Whether they are students living in a new city, living at or close to home, living abroad, or living and working in a city as Sarah Everard was. There will be so many in pain right now. Questionning why.

I find it appalling that this situation perpetuates still. When I was a young woman I had naively assumed things would be very different by the time I reached my 50s. As my father handed me a personal alarm and plenty of advice. They aren’t. The amount of unwanted and completely unwarranted attention (put mildly) I received from men, usually far older than me, was a lot. Too many times I walked to or stood on a station platform at night after studying for work, terrified. The list for every woman is endless. I am still always on my guard. And as one young woman has said in her heartfelt tweet. It is exhausting.

My heart goes out to Sarah’s family, friends and colleagues. They must be completely devastated as they await news. We women are also devastated as yet another young woman goes missing, seemingly at the hands of a predator, by simply walking home. I pray that her family, loved ones and everyone who know her will receive all the tender support that they need.

I have chosen this quote

A best friend is someone who makes you laugh even when you think you’ll never smile again.

By Unknown – The Little Quote Book of Friendship – 2019 Quote Banana

I pray for all Sarah’s family, friends and loved ones that one day they can.

If you would like to join the vigil at home on Saturday March 13th, 2021 at 6pm UK Time. Here is the link: Reclaim These Streets For women to meet socially distanced in vigil has been announced as illegal. So we must show our support from our doorsteps and windows by shining a light in memory of Sarah Everard and in support of campaigning for safer streets.

Penny @hopefoundinme

4 thoughts on “Women Standing with Women!

  1. Great post, thanks for sharing. It’s been heavy online at the moment. Especially as a woman. I’m absolutely devastated about Sarah and so so angry. It’s so important we keep these conversations going and never ever stand down in the fight for women’s safety x

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    1. Thank you so much. I felt I just had to say something. I am too, I have cried, ranted, prayed, and feel so helpless about this seemingly never ending situation. I am appalled by what has happened to Sarah. And I absolutely agree, we must keep this conversation going. With the planned vigils now banned it will take even more effort. But we must, it has to change. Xx


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